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Spring 2015 News...

BOCKING 14, Comfrey Cuttings, now ready for deliveryVisit the Comfrey Shop.

*NEW*Fantastic "Air Onions" from Finland, perennial and wonderful taste also in the Comfrey shop.






At TomatoSeedsUK we aim to offer you  interesting, postage free (we think it is a little unfair to spend £2.50ish on a packet of seeds to then pay a further £1.75 - £3.00 on postage and packing!), tomato seeds chosen for great taste and ease of growing. Visit the Shop to see what is available.

We grow all manner of other interesting edibles and fruits and include a few of our favorites in the Shop Pages on this site.  We have wonderful Dwarf Hop Plants, for homebrewing, decorative and medicinal use. Comfrey root cuttings, Bocking 14 strain, for making your own liquid fertilizer and medicinal use. We are now starting to add a few of our favorite Superfoods and Superfruits in the Superfood Shop.

As food prices soar why not create an edible garden at home and survive the recession in style.


Easy Grow Tomatoes

One of the easiest we have come across is Hundreds and Thousands.

Hundreds and Thousands Tomatoes are like no tomato we've ever seen before!  Perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes or patio containers, the vigorous, easy-to-grow, cascading plants live up to their name, producing many hundreds of sweet, juicy, bite-sized tomatoes throughout the whole summer. We counted a harvest of 783 of these little beauties from one of our plants. We were enjoying the tomatoes from June until December in 2009, thats 7 months eating the finest home grown cascading tomatoes!  You simply won't be able to resist them!  These small 'cherry' fruited tomatoes not only produce an abundance but taste incredible.  

The fruit has a rich intensity of  flavour that is reminisant of the british tomatoes of yesteryear.

We have grown many varieties over the years but have rarely been as impressed as we were when first tasting these.  Visit the our shop and order some for your own enjoyment. Payments are made via PayPal.      All our H&T seeds are produced from well tended organically grown plants, we put great care into seed saving and do not use peroxide on our seeds. Instead we hand prepare all seeds and then innoculate with beneficial microbes before drying. We carefully test geminate all seeds and very often achieve 100% germination rates. Visit the Gallery  to see what can be achieved with this fantastic tomato plant!

In the shop we now have other carefully chosen varieties for you to choose from. All ideal for patio or tub growing. To eat the most nutrient rich tomatoes we suggest that you might wish to feed your plants with Liquid Comfrey.


Grow in large hanging baskets, 12 inch pots or garden tubs, walk outside to the garden or patio and pick some of these lovely little tomatoes, Children love them! They are ideal to grow where space is limited on balconies or in small yards. 

In the seed shop you will find a few special varieties that we have chosen for flavour and ease of growth.